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Dr Elena



I'm Elena, your Relationship Expert with a layered understanding of couple dynamics, and an exceptional way of getting down to the heart of the matter. Together we can get you enjoying the healthy and fulfilling relationship you both deserve.

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Ways We Can Work Together!



Relationship Consultation!

Relationship Consultation!






Group for Women



The Book!

The Book!

"Perhaps a story begins the second

we realize there is one to be told."

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A lot of insight packed in a short read. Worth it.

"It's been years since I finished an entire book from front to cover, and I finished this one in a day! I couldn't put it down. I felt like I was living the author's life as well as being reminded of certain aspects of my own. I truly believe everyone will find this book relatable and you may even develop some profound insights along the way. So much Goodness packed in one book. It's refreshing to read something that is Real and Authentic. Amazing things will happen in your life when you decide to show up! Well Done, Dr. Elena Sherwood."

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​Review on publisher’s website: "As Elena’s doctoral supervisor, I knew her as an engaging, positive, hard-working woman. She shared little about her childhood or family, keeping a firm focus on her dissertation about happy marriages in the Canadian military. Reading her story and learning about her poignant childhood helps me understand her person and her ambition. It provides the genesis of Elena’s promise that the greatness of every one of us will find a way.”

— Leslie M. Tutty, PhD Professor Emerita Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

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Relationship Consultation

Maybe you and your partner feel disconnected in your committed relationship, or perhaps you feel like something's missing.

Are the disagreements about the same things and you can't seem to move forward?

Or, sometimes you just KNOW its time.


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You're MORE Group!

This group is for insightful women who know what it’s like to feel deeply tired. They’re done with selflessness and surviving, and are eager to find and use their magnificent voices. They want a freer and brighter next chapter, where they simply love being in the life they're in.

$120 Cdn/month

What s Included

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Coaching Support

5 days a week!

15% Discount

on 1:1 Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard work?

To be honest yes, but it's hopeful, rewarding, deeply personal and empowering!

What if I'm judged?

Everything said here is from the place of respect and well-intended. It's the climate.

Can I leave anytime?

Yes of course. Change takes time however, so I recommend a minimum of 6 month involvement.

Why a group?

We are all more alike than we are different; it's enlightening to see yourself in others.

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What they're saying...

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What EXACTLY do I do?

I take in every single detail

you feel is important

I look for key things you

may have overlooked

I craft the right questions to get to the right answers

We piece together an accurate picture

Repeat the process until you have an AHA! moment!

"We don't know what I want."

"How do we get past our story of pain?"

"We can't enjoy things."

"We know we love each other."

I've come full circle!

Penniless and passionate I put myself through my first degree in social work. My second degree I did while living away from my husband, and my third was the same, but also solely caring for our two young boys.

I became who I thought I should be, only to leave most of that "me" behind.

I was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada in my teens. As outlined in my book, life hadn't come easy. It took a while to understand how events in my past led to the depression I hid from the world, then it took even longer to come to terms with the effects of loss, heartache, and deep wounds that hadn't healed. Pain. Triumph. Resilience.

Before I lost everything, I found someone I could trust, and committed to the healing vulnerably and wholeheartedly. When I fully embodied what I'd been helping others with for decades, I found the REAL me, along with the best part of me I'd never met!

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Smart Stuff

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Clinical Research, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Thesis: What makes strong Canadian military couple strong?

Master of Social Work Degree (MSW), Clinical Stream, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

Thesis: Conjoint counselling for spouse abuse couples :a systemic approach.

Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW), Ryerson University, Toronto, ON

Peer-reviewed sole author in the Clinical Social Work Journal.

Clinical Assessment of Canadian Military Marriages

Basic and advanced training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT).

Over 30 years of clinical practice, relationship expert, strengths and resilience based.

Worked in multiple levels of government including municipal, provincial and federal.

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Greely, ON



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Dr elena shewood